Thursday, 29 December 2016

On-Page SEO Techniques

To rank your Website in the first results of search engine, you need to take care of SEO while writing great content. Your Website receives high traffic automatically once your posts ranks higher in Google search engine.
You increase your website traffic with on-page seo techniques.
On-page SEO is the way of optimizing your Website so that it appears in the first results of search engine which helps in driving traffic from search engine. SEO helps in gaining loyal audience.

On-Page SEO Techniques

1. Put Your Primary Keyword In The Page Title
2. Put Your Keywords In The Meta Description
3. Use Meta Tags
4. Optimize Your URL
5. Use H2, H3 Tags As The Sub Headings
6. Image Alt Tags Are Important
7. Use Your Primary Keyword In The Introduction Of Your Page
8. Internal Linking Is Super Important

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Importance Of Keywords

Keywords one of the most important things that can make or break your SEO success. you are doing keyword research before creating content, If You do not doing keyword research you simply don’t attract any traffic from search engines. SEO boost your Website search traffic and rankings.

  • Focus on long tail keywords. A long tail keyword usually contains 4 or more words who help you get better search rankings really quickly.
  • Use keyword research tools for finding keywords. 
  • Do proper on-page optimization by properly using your keywords within your content.
  • While using long tail keywords within your content, make sure to also use relevant keywords with your articles so you can rank for multiple keywords from one web page.
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Monday, 19 December 2016

Engage Your Customers Online

Doing business Online or Engaging your customers online is an important factor of your business success. Here are Some ways that are help you engage with your customers online.

1. Social Media Marketing
Social media Marketing a very good Platform for engage with customers online. Social media is a Best tool Because there are many social media, networks to choose from you need to know your customer well and work best for your business. Use many social media to engaging with your customers.

2. Website search
Make your Website as simple and as useful as possible. Make Website simple for your visitor to use. 

3 Live chat
The call to action is important on every website and live chat can play an important role in achieving your call to action. It is a valuable feature it has so many uses. 

Use of these ways to engage your customer online and keep them happy. Your customers are the key to your success, so make sure that you give engaging with them the attention it deserves.
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