Thursday, 13 April 2017

Digital Marketing Services Lucknow

Digital Marketing Services Lucknow (SEO, PPC, SMO, Website) 

Digital Marketing Company  Justklicks provide services with several options for increasing traffic to their website through the use of cost-effective measures that have proven effective in generating more leads for the companies and firms of our clients. A social media presence that doesn’t only attract your prospects but also improves the branding and reputation of your business. We specialize in SEO Services & Social Media Marketing Services
We are provide following Digital Marketing Services that are listed Below. Click on any topic below to find more information about a specific service that matches your need:

  1. Web Development 
  2. Website Design
  3. Hosting
  4. CMS Website
  5. ECommerce Website
  6. Landing Page Optimization
  7. SEO Services (On Page SEO / Off Page SEO)
  8. Social Media Marketing (Facebook Page Promotion)
  9. Pay Per Click

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to Post on Social Media

Social Media Marketing basics that apply to multiple Social Media platforms, like what to post, when to post and how to attract leads from social media. How hashtags work on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. You'll also find tips for networks that don't have their own category here, like LinkedIn and Google+. We are Top Digital Marketing Company offer complete SEO Services & Social Media Marketing Services in Lucknow. We share you tips for Social Media Marketing
1- Don’t Just Promote
2- Post What YOU Would Want to Read
3- Create Titles That Grab Attention
4- Understanding the Value Proposition
5- Always Deliver on Your Promise
6- Make Your Followers Feel Important
7- Give Back to the Community
8- Be Personal, Where Appropriate
9- Promote Your Social Media on Your Blog
10-Show the lifestyle that your customers want!
11- Respond and Engage - respond to comments and questions!
12- Be Consistent- Once you have created a pattern, stick to it!
13- Experiment With Other Types of Content
14- Choose Your Channels- 
15- Take Advantage of New Technologies
16- Create a Professional Brand
17- Use Advertising
18- Work With Partners and Influencers
19- Use Contests and Other Events
20- Offer Discounts
21- Understand the Psychology of Sharing
22- Make Great Quality Posts- write great content and present it well.
23- Learn to take high-quality photos to help you to grab attention
24- Build true fans and your business will thrive like never before!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Do you need to generate leads for your business?

We all have heard a lot about lead generation and it is one of the most important components in digital marketing. But the reality is that not all businesses require lead generation. Some businesses cannot survive without leads. Do you need lead generation if you are selling to businesses? (B2B). Or do you need lead generation for things that are high in price. Does it makes sense in B2C businesses?

Let's find out.....
But what's a Lead in the first place?
Why do we call a lead a 'Lead'?
A Lead is nothing but a set of contact information of a potential customer. It is called a lead because it "leads to a sale". Leads can be just email ID, or with phone numbers or with a whole lot of information. In all cases, this contact info will lead us to a sale. A lead is not required for very small ticket items or commodities. You can't generate leads for people interested in buying chocolate bar and you can't invest your time in trying to call them and convince them to buy. Simple products, low priced items and commodities do not need customer education. The sales cycle is short and people buy on impulse. So there is no lead generation required. Branding and advertising will expand the reach and if there is good market positioning, the sales will happen automatically. However, if you have a product or service that is new in the market, needs customer education, then you need to generate the lead, nurture the lead and convert the lead into a paying customer. A 2kg gold bar, though costing as much as a home, is a commodity. There is no need to convince a customer to buy it. If the customer wants it, he will buy it. There is no customer education needed here. There are no features in it. However an apartment unit is a complex product. A customer needs to evaluate his needs vs. the offering to make a buying decision. Here a support of a sales man is required. A salesman can communicate with the customer only if he has the contact information (the lead). The potential customer is also ok sharing his contact information because he needs more information before making a buying decision. He/she will fill up a lead form in a landing page to get more information online or via a phone call from a sales person. Similarly for automobile sales, especially cars, lead generation and sales cycle is important. In the automobile market, leads are generated with test ride requests. Someone who fills up a form to request a test ride is a potential customer.
Then the lead goes through different stages before becoming a customer. 

The stages will be like:
- Test ride requested
- Sales person contacted
- Test ride scheduled
- Test ride done
- All questions answered
- Family convinced with the car
- Financial arrangements done
- The SALE!

When it comes to B2C, lead generation ends with automobiles and home purchases because they are the biggest ticket items a consumer will buy in his/her lifetime. Almost all B2B sales require lead generation as long as they are not commodities. Very complex sales such as SpaceX selling to NASA, or an IT company winning a multimillion contract with a bank, have very long sales cycles and multiple sales people are involved in the sale. It makes sense because the sale price is big enough to justify the time spent by many professionals.

I hope you understood why lead generation is required in the first place. In the next post I will tell you about Lead Scoring and why lead scoring is important.