Wednesday, 4 October 2017

What are the Important things about SEO?

What are the Important things about SEO?

Google has been busy making big algorithm changes for the past year. Here are eight things SEO experts say you should be doing now to keep your content high in search result rankings.
Google, like time itself, stands still for no one. Over the past 18 months or so, the search engine giant has made big changes to its algorithms. Among Google's goals: Improve the user experience by delivering relevant, fresh, quality content and, at the same time, crack down on those using questionable search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to gain an unjustified ranking position.

3 important things in SEO Today: Content, Links, Social Media

1. Content Is King— But Good Content Rules

In the past year, content marketing has become a big policy among online marketers, partly due to Google algorithm updates that penalize low-quality content.

2. Links Should Be Earned, Not Bought

Paid links have especially been in Google's crosshairs as of late. "If you bought a link in some way, you should assume it won't count—and it might even hurt you," Shepard says. Moz encourages organizations to earn links though endorsements instead of paying for them. "We're seeing Google pass out penalties for easy links, and we think the crackdown is really just beginning," Shepard says.

3. To Improve Social Status, Use Google+

Every other year, Moz surveys SEO experts to learn the most important search engine ranking factors. Moz discovered a high correlation between Google +1 "likes" for a Web page and that pages search engine rankings, Shepard says.

4. Speed Matters, So Make Sure Your Site Loads Quickly

Google wants to deliver quality results to users. One definition for quality, among many, is a website or page that loads quickly, Shepard notes. This means sluggish Web pages are likely to rank lower than faster ones.

5. Fixing Technical Issues Is Even More Important

Jill Whalen, SEO consultant at High Rankings, says technical issues affecting a website's SEO have always existed—and smart SEO consultants have always made fixing them a high priority. However, after Google's Panda and Penguin updates in the last year and a half, Whalen says fixing technical issues has become "more important than ever."

6. Focus Less on Keyword Optimization

While this may run counter to traditional SEO practice, Whalen says there are dangers to relying on keyword optimization today.

7. Use Structured Data Where Relevant

Google and other search engines increasingly rely more on schema, also known as structured data and/or HTML tags, to improve the display of search results. "Google is becoming a Web of different data entities, and structured data helps the search engine interpret your content more easily," Shepard says. "It's important to adopt structured data, as it will be an even bigger search engine ranking factor in the future."

8. Future of SEO Means Change Is 'New Normal'

Google is by no means done making big algorithm changes. In fact, many SEO experts see them as the "new normal." To stay ahead of the curve, DeMers says online marketers should be paying attention to mobile SEO, social signals and "brand signals."

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