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Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Updates

Now's Day Digital World is more focused and competitive as well. For Achive a high search engine rankings and to maintain them, you look the Google SEO updates. For A better DA and high rankings in SERPs, You need to understand Google Latest Updates and related Procedures & optimize websites. Google has finally announced web pages’ loading speed a ranking factor. It’s even more important to sites that want to be mobile-friendly, since mobile users tend to close a slow-loading tab sooner than most. 

Latest Google SEO Updates & Algorithm

Read 6 Google SEO Updates & Algorithm Changes

1- Google Panda Update- Launch at 24 February 2011. Google Panda evaluates websites based on the quality of their content. Pages with high-quality content are rewarded with higher ranking positions, and vice versa.
Risk: Thin content, Low-quality content, Unhelpful, untrustworthy content, Duplicate text, Article spinning.

2- Google Penguin Update- Launch 24 April 2012. Google Penguin’s objective is to down-rank sites whose links it deems manipulative. Penguin is completely automatic and will let its grip on your site when unnatural backlinks are no longer a factor. 
Risk: Spammy or irrelevant links; links with over-optimized anchor text, Buying links, Low quality of links

3- Google Hummingbird Update-  In 22 August 2013, Google Hummingbird Update is Google’s new search algorithm that plays a significant role in deciding ranking of websites. Hummingbird helps Google better interpret search queries and provide results that match searcher intent. Expand your keyword research and focus on concepts, not keywords. Carefully research related searches, synonyms and co-occurring terms. 
Hummingbird aimed to improve search.
Risk: Keyword stuffing; low-quality content

4- Google Pigeon - Launch 24 July 2014. Google Pigeon algorithm enhances their distance and location tracking parameters in more result-oriented manner. Check quality directories and reach:
Risk: Poor on- and off-page SEO
Strengthen your ranking positions as you normally would with SEO:

  1. Create high-quality content related to your niche.
  2. Use keywords that include your location.
  3. Optimize your site for mobile devices.
  4. Build links from reputable sources.

Optimize for the local search algorithm, as well:

  1. Use text, images, and videos in your content that are strongly associated with your location.
  2. Create listings on business directories and Google My Business.
  3. Include NAP (name, address, phone number) citations in those listings and on your own site.
  4. Gain positive reviews and testimonials from your customers.
  5. Leverage structured data on your site’s pages.

5- Google Mobile-Friendly update (Mobilegeddon) - Launch 21 April 2015.  Google’s Mobile Update (aka Mobilegeddon) ensures that mobile-friendly pages rank at the top of mobile search. Go mobile and focus on speed and usability. 
Risk: Lack of a mobile version of the page; poor mobile usability, Responsive design, Loading speed, Image optimization, No excessive code

6- RankBrain - Launch 26 October 2015. RankBrain is part of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. It is a machine learning system that helps Google understand the meaning behind queries, and serve best-matching search results in response to those queries.
Risk: Lack of query-specific relevance features; shallow content; poor UX

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