Monday, 3 July 2017

5 ways to Boost your Post

5 ways to Boost your Post

If You want to get maximum likes and shares for your business write ups or Post. Social media is the best place for a comfortable spread via likes and shares of your pages.

Choose a Social Media to post your content – You need to tally your target market with the need and desires of your customers and accordingly choose the social media to connect with them.
Build engaging post – Add pictures or videos to make your post appealing to the audience. 
Insert an eye-catching image – An image that will make your follower ‘awwh’ or laugh out loud or shed a drop of tear. Keep it engaging as well as of a smaller version so that people gets a clear view from their phones.
Share a cause – Something like; ‘your one like will can help the little girl to fight her cancer.’ This heart-wrenching post will break the record of likes in 24 hours.
Use different titles – Intriguing titles will decide whether the article will be opened or not.
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