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Link Building Techniques 2018

There are many ways to get inbound links. A few links to your site from reputed, high quality, authority sites are much more valuable to a search engine than hundreds of low quality links. I’d advise you to not to participate in an automated link exchange program as you’ll be automatically exchanging links with all sorts of low quality and unrelated sites. Here are some seo tips for direct link building:
1. Directory Submission
Even those who are new to search engine optimization know that a directory submission is one of the easiest ways to build links. Directory submission involves submitting details of your website including titles and descriptions about your product/service to online directories. This helps to get links with relevant anchor texts placed under relevant categories. There are many free and paid directories available online. All you have to do is submit your link and add details about it. You will get links form relevant categories in these directories.
2. Article Submission
Article submission involves writing articles related to the theme of your site and submitting to article directories. By doing this, you will get permanent one-way links from these directories. In addition to that, your article will be put under the most relevant category as well. Now only will you be getting a link, you will also be reaching out to more people. Visitors of that article site will get to know about your site and may even link to you if they think you are an authority figure and like your site.
3. Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking lets you store, organize and manage your sites of interest on a public bookmarking site, instead of on your computer. As long as you’re logged on to the Internet, you can access and share these bookmarks from anywhere in the world. Once you bookmark with social bookmarking sites and people find your content exciting, they will save it and share it with others. Your bookmark moves to the front pages of the category or site and you’ll soon see the increase in traffic.
4. Forum Posting
Forum posting means visiting online forums that have topics related to your site and participating in the discussions. People usually visit forums to hold discussions with other like-minded people. Forums give you an opportunity to build relationships and build your credibility but if you start promoting your link too much and contribute little, you’ll be considered a spammer and you might be at risk of getting banned from the forum.
5. Guest Posting in Other Blogs
Guest posting in blogs is one of the best ways to build your brand and site popularity. You get a much wider audience and get links from really powerful sites. It is also a great way to build contacts in your industry. The traffic and exposure you receive is great compared to what you can usually generate from a new site. You can get backlinks, get new readers, get offers from other blogs and increase your traffic with this.
6. Press Releases
Some people think submitting press releases is a boring old way of trying to optimize your site. However, if the release is written well, the search engine optimized press release can prove to be one of the most effective ways to deliver news of events taking place within your company or industry. Press Releases are also picked up by Google faster. Usually you’ll find press releases on top of the search engines faster than the usual articles.
7. Social Networking Sites
An active Social Networking campaign such as using platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin can serve you well in driving traffic. Sometimes, the links are ‘No follow’ but the exposure and interaction you gain with potential customers is extremely valuable. If they like what you are discussing and find your information or products interesting they can help spread your word for you.

So that’s that! These are just some of the basics under off-page optimization and link building. 

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  • Use keywords in the page title.
  • Use different title and meta tags for each page.
  • Use file names that contain key phrases. For example
  • Use keywords in the 'anchor text' links.
  • Use alt tags to fill all of the images and title of the links.
  • Do not use underscores in long file names, use hyphens (-).
  • Use headers (h1, h2, h3) to define the content and importance placed on these keywords.
  • Use best technology for the page to load faster and the user does not have to wait.
  • Use site map (for the user), other XML (for search engines)

II: PROVIDE ORIGINAL & QUALITY CONTENT After Google Panda Update content is termed as King to rank higher on the search engines. Be careful about the density of keywords and phrases and maintain a balance between what visitors and search engines looking for.
You should provide original content or information.
Content should provide complete and comprehensive coverage of the topic.
The content should be something that you would want to share or recommend.

III: KEEP UPDATING YOUR SITE The more often search engines index websites continually changing content, so if we keep quality content, and creating a level of acceptable data, the climb in the search engines will be faster.

IV: SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES & BLOGS It is important to create a virtual community that generates changing and dynamic content for your website. This is basically to manage and maintain a blog or be a member of a social networking site like Facebook, twitter & linkden.

You can optimize your social media profiles for search by following below steps :

Be active – Keep updating your social profiles like you do with blogs and websites.
Engage with your followers & fans - Engaging with others will keep your profile updated.

V: ARTICLES, CLASSIFIEDS, FORUMS Write articles, reports, comments on other websites and give feedback in forums ....& add a link of your website where ever you post articles or write your feedback.

VI: PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE You need to always talk about your blog or website. Organizing online contests giving a prize for the best web design, or the best design for a logo, always gives publicity to the organizer. So use your own ways to be famous as this will increase traffic to your website.

VII: OFFLINE PROMOTION OF YOUR WEBSITE Publish about your website or blog in newspapers, magazines, etc., Attend conferences and seminars. If somebody read your article in the newspaper is very probable that visits your site. Word of mouth is still an effective technique to promote your website.

VIII: TRACKING PERFORMANCE OF KEYWORDS Keep monitoring the traffic generated by your website. Use Google Analytics for the same. You can know about the low-performing keywords & eliminate them.
But be cautious as changing keywords may take a long time to be noticed, for better or for worse, and you have to analyze the results well before embarking on a radical change.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

5 ways to Boost your Post

5 ways to Boost your Post

If You want to get maximum likes and shares for your business write ups or Post. Social media is the best place for a comfortable spread via likes and shares of your pages.

Choose a Social Media to post your content – You need to tally your target market with the need and desires of your customers and accordingly choose the social media to connect with them.
Build engaging post – Add pictures or videos to make your post appealing to the audience. 
Insert an eye-catching image – An image that will make your follower ‘awwh’ or laugh out loud or shed a drop of tear. Keep it engaging as well as of a smaller version so that people gets a clear view from their phones.
Share a cause – Something like; ‘your one like will can help the little girl to fight her cancer.’ This heart-wrenching post will break the record of likes in 24 hours.
Use different titles – Intriguing titles will decide whether the article will be opened or not.
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