Thursday, 11 August 2016

SEO Process

Before beginning a SEO project, it is important to understand the process involved in an effective SEO campaign. We are SEO Service Providers in Lucknow. We are known as SEO experts who love to keep it straight. PageTraffic can help you in every step of setting up a successful online business. We are top SEO companies in Lucknow, started to offer professional search engine optimization services in Lucknow. We also help clients achieve their project goals through Social Media Marketing and SEO Services. SEO exists on the back of relationships between links and the ability to get your content remarked upon. For More detail contact Us: +91 8181000018 or visit Website.

SEO Process

The most important aspect of doing SEO is not blinding them with technical alchemy, but helping them see how SEO provides genuine business value.
1. The first step in optimizing a client site is to create a high-level strategy. Understand everything you can about the business and their current position in the market. It’s important to understand the business goals and market sector, then design the SEO campaign to support the goals and the environment.
2. We need to quantify what is already there, and what’s not there. Use a tools that will give you a list of URLs, title information, link information and other data.
3. Make a list of all competitor content that is doing well. Examine where they’re mentioned in the media, and make a list. 
4. A well organised site is useful from an SEO standpoint. Determine if internal anchor text is aligned with keyword titles and page content by looking at a backlink analysis. 
5. Ensure your site is deep crawled. Check all your URLs are included in Google’s index, sign up with Webmaster Tools and/or other index reporting tool.
6. Include a site map
7. Backlinks remain a major ranking factor. Establish a list of existing backlinks.
8. Content is king in search engine optimization. Look best ranking/most valuable content for that term and ask how it could be made better.

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